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Irrigation-drip Tapes

"Senpu" irrigation-drip tape is manufactured via adopting raw materials of high quality, which is a new kind of product used in irrigation. It has characteristics such as light weight, corrosion resistance, convenient construction and sound clogging resistance etc. The company could provide irrigation-drip tapes of two major types: Irrigation-drip tape with labyrinth on one side; and mosaic patch type irrigation-drip tape.

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Product introduction

Executive standard:

GB/T19812.1-2005 Plastic Equipment for Water Saving Irrigation-drip Tape with Labyrinth on one side

GB/T19812.3-2008 Plastic Equipment for Water Saving Irrigation-drip Pipe and Tape Inlaid with Emitters inside


■ Thin wall type irrigation-drip tape, labyrinth runner, drip hole, pipeline one-step forming, and excellent performance.

■ Wide labyrinth runner, water flow is of turbulence condition with multiple inlets, with strong clogging resistance.

■ It selects materials of high quality, with excellent tensile property, which is convenient for mechanical laying operation.

■ Light, easy for operation and transportation;


Performance requirements table for PE gas pipe fittings
Product introduction


Suitable for greenhouse, nursery, field crop cultivation, flowers and big shed crops. Flowers and fruit tree planting etc.