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Irrigation-drip Pipes

"Senpu" built-in cylinder drip irrigation pipe is a new generation of water-saving irrigation product, with one-step injection molding dripper, new type wide long runner, self-equipped filter window, large filtration area and runner section dimension, with extremely strong clogging resistance.

product description
Product introduction

Executive standard:

GB/T19812.3-2008 Plastic Equipment for Water Saving Irrigation-drip Pipe and Tape Inlaid with Emitters inside

Product characteristics:

■ Water flow is of complete turbulence, with sound effluent uniformity;

■ Self-flushing, with sound clogging resistance;

■ Sound mechanical strength, and corrosion resistance;

■ Small pressure loss, and high irrigation precision;

Performance requirements table for PE gas pipe fittings
Product introduction


Applicable for field crops, greenhouse vegetables, flowers and fruit tree planting etc.