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Heat-resistant Polyethylene Pipes

"Senpu" heat-resistant polyethylene pipes are manufactured via adopting resin materials of high quality, which is a new kind of environment-friendly plastic pipes able to be used in transportation of hot water. It combines the advantages of steel, iron and traditional plastics, with excellent flexibility, stress cracking resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, long-term hydraulic resistance and thermal creep resistance, which could be used in the field of medium and large-sized bore pipes.

product description
Product introduction

Executive standard:

National standard: GB/T 28799.2-2012

Enterprise standard: Q/70895545-1.3-2013

Performance requirements table for PE gas pipe fittings
Product introduction


■ Sound chemical stability, with excellent corrosion resistance;

■ Excellent low temperature resistance;

■ Sound flexibility, and sound ground settlement resistance;

■ High thermal conductivity coefficient, when used as floor heating pipe, it could improve heat transmission efficiency, and save large amounts of energy;

■ Uneasy to scale, smooth inner walls, small friction resistance to water, and high water conveyance efficiency;

■ Hot melt connection, and excellent system sealing performance;

■ Able to coil, meeting the requirement for no joints in floor heating pipes.

Purposes and Scope of Application:

Applicable for hot and cold water pipeline systems with normal operating temperature not exceeding 80℃ and fault temperature not exceeding 100℃, including hot and cold water systems used in buildings, drinking water pipeline system, radiant floor heating system, air conditioning pipeline system, and industrial big-bore hot and cold water conveyance system.