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Polyethylene (PE) Anti-abrasion Pipelines for Slurry Conveyance

"Senpu" polyethylene (PE) anti-abrasion pipelines for slurry conveyance are manufactured via adopting high molecular weight polyethylene of high quality. It has excellent product performance, abrasion and impact resistance, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, healthy and nontoxic, without adhesion or water absorption etc., so it is an ideal pipe, which could be widely used in various slurry conveyance pipelines.

product description
Product introduction

Scope of Application

Coal industry: Transfer of coal water mixture. Mine industry: Transfer of tailings and mud, as well as underground filling pipes.

River dredging: Transportation of dredging sand and mud. Chemical industry: Transportation of corrosive mediums.

Performance requirements table for PE gas pipe fittings
Product introduction


■ High abrasive resistance: Smooth walls, small friction coefficient, and abrasive resistance is more than 4 times larger than that of steel pipes and stainless steel pipes when transporting various slurry, and transportation flow is 10~40% larger than that of steel pipes, which could maintain stable velocity and flow rate on a long-term basis. This is also very suitable for transportation pipelines for crude oil and slurry etc.

■ High tensile strength and impact resistance: Strong environmental stress cracking resistance, high impact resistance and high impact absorption;

■ Corrosion resistance: Sound chemical stability, able to resist corrosion of acid, alkaline and salt;

■ Low temperature resistance: Excellent low temperature resistance, and its impact resistance and abrasion resistance keeps almost unchanged at 0℃. Meanwhile, this product also has a wide temperature adaptation, which could work under -60℃~40℃ on a long-term basis;

■ Noise reduction: High absorption of striking energy, and good noise reduction, so as to reduce noise generated by fluid flow during conveyance;

■ Healthy and nontoxic: Without generating mildew or bacterial, and its hygiene complies with indexes regulated by national standards, able to contact food and drugs;

■ Light weight and easy installation: Pipelines weight is only one eighth of a steel pipe; sound flexibility, able to laid directly after bending, and adaptable to various geological conditions; connection is safe and reliable, quick and convenient, without needing corrosion resistance, saving time and energy, which fully embodies the advantages of "energy savi