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Buried Corrugated Pipes for Water Drainage

"Senpu" buried dual-wall corrugated pipes for water drainage are manufactured by adopting materials of high quality, which is a new type of environmental protection plastic pipes, with characteristics of light weight, high ring stiffness, easy construction and its comprehensive cost is lower than that adopting cast iron pipes and concrete pipes etc.

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Product introduction

Executive standard:

GB/T19472.1-2004 Buried Polyethylene (PE) Structural Wall Pipeline System Part 1: Polyethylene Dual-wall Corrugated Pipes.


Municipal projects: Used in municipal underground drainage, pollution discharge, rainwater collection, water transportation and ventilation etc.

Electrical telecommunication projects: Used as protection pipes for low voltage electric power cables, optical cables and communication signal cables.

Industry: For excellent resistance to acid, alkaline and corrosion of polyethylene materials, dual-wall corrugated pipes are widely used in irrigation for fields, orchard, tea garden, and forest belt hot spots or used in rural water improvement and non-pressure for irrigation etc.

Road utilities: Used as water infiltration and drainage pipes for railway, highway, golf course and football field etc.

Performance requirements table for PE gas pipe fittings
Product introduction


■ Light in weight and high ring stiffness;

■ Easy construction, short term and low comprehensive project cost;

■ Smooth inner wall and large flow;

■ Corrosive resistance, and no dredging is required basically without scaling;

■ Flexible joints, with strong uneven settlement resistance, uneasy to leak.